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Leader Growth Coaching

The demand for business coaches has never been greater. With business frequent job shifts and limited in-house training, professionals of all levels are often struggling to maintain a competitive edge. As a result, organizations are in need of leaders who can guide their colleagues through workplace challenges, help them improve performance, and lead them through career decisions. This program provides insight into effective techniques and fundamentals of coaching to help you become a leader who can help your team and colleagues grow and succeed.

In this program, you’ll develop strategic skills to help you move beyond typical mentoring and day-to-day managing, and find new ways to strengthen your team and add value to your organization.


  •  Become a better leader by developing your coaching toolkit
  •  Help your team reach their potential and achieve company goals 
  •  Promote a company culture that supports professional growth and retains talented team members
  •  Prepare for expanded management responsibilities
  •  Practice key elements of leadership to drive success 


  • Developing a coaching mindset by examining the latest coaching principles and best practices
  • Discovering essential competencies for effective leading: thinking, being, and doing
  • Using personal assessment tools to help people understand how others perceive them
  • Adapting your coaching style to the needs of different individuals by practicing mirroring, directive, guiding, and facilitating conversations
  • Overcoming common leadership challenges, such as delivering difficult feedback in a way that promotes constructive outcomes
  • Gaining greater self-awareness through coaching and furthering your own professional development

This program is designed for business or departmental leaders and managers who want to develop a coaching approach to leadership.